February 28, 2018

Dumbwaiter Lift Solutions

Lifts manufactured by Dumbwaiter Lift Solutions

Here at Dumbwaiter Lift Solutions Ltd, we specialise in the manufacture and installation of dumbwaiter lifts. Our dumb waiter lift solutions are robust, extremely well built with standard stainless steel features and will become a vital part of your home / business. As dumbwaiter lifts have become increasingly common within commercial as well as residential properties, we offer the best sizes to suit all requirements.

At Dumbwaiter Lift Solutions Ltd, we know that dumbwaiter lifts can greatly benefit your business / home, whether it be reducing speeds that the food gets to the customers table in a restaurant, helping out with moving heavy laundry in a residential property or improving health and safety saving staff having to carry plates up and down stairs. We are sure that we have a solution to any size you may have available to work with. We don’t believe in hidden costs therefore all of our terms are outlined from the off with no surprises along the way. We guarantee to offer the best solution for the best price!

Standard Lift Features:

  • Stainless steel finishes
  • Cabin doors, cabin, landing doors, removable middle shelf and access panel supplied
  • 3 phase power as standard (single phase optional)
  • Quick installation (3-4 hours)
  • 0.35m/s travelling speed
  • Powder coated lift structure
  • UK manufactured

Optional Features:

  • Heated tray
  • LED lighting
  • Single phase power
  • Lockable key switch
  • Intercom system

Size Guide

DWS Mini

This lift size is designed for residential properties where space may be a little tighter, but a top quality lift that can carry heavy loads is still required.

Lift cabin – 435mm w x 400m d x 800m h
Shaft size – 700m w x 550m d
Headroom required – 2500mm

DWS Midi

Dumbwaiter Lifts

The DWS Midi is designed for small – medium sized commercial properties such as cafe’s, dessert shops and restaurants with 40 covers or less.

Lift cabin – 535mm w x 500mm d x 800mm h
Shaft size – 800mm w x 640mm d
Headroom required – 2500mm

DWS Maxi


The DWS Maxi lift is specially designed for larger commercial premises such as restaurants with over 40 covers and warehouse environments. Please view the specific sizing below:

Cabin size – 635mm w x 600m d x 800mm h
Shaft size – 900mm w x 750mm d
Headroom required – 2500mm